Music was my refuge. I could crawl into the space between the notes and curl my back to lonliness.

Imani. Not your average culture junkie. I carry an urban hymnal as I attend the Church of Shameless - it is my religion. Natural hair is my passion. Music allows me to breathe. Coffee is my vodka. Writing is my healer.

***Noel Fisher is the business.***

Song rec

Okay, so pretty much every other song is giving me IanxMickey feels these days, but “I Can See In Color” by Mary J Blige is especially beautiful for them. I see this as Mickey’s perspective after the freeing events of 4x11 (but before the heartbreak of 4x12). It’s a nice, bluesy track. Check it out!

I know this song!!! It’s from the Precious Motion Picture Soundtrack. Yes yes, I’m going to have another listen. I will probably post. Not to mention I grew up listening to Mary J. Blige. :)

How excited am I that Queer As Folk (US) is on Netflix? Too excited. I remember watching the show when it aired on Showtime. I will be re-watching all the seasons.

Now, Netflix needs to get Shameless (US).

And as the days went by
And my patience wore
I’d realized we’d broken everything we swore
The pain you inflict seems to have no effect
The blood on your hands fills you with no regret

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