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People Are Talking, But Not You

I have been having some serious Ian and Mandy feels this week, so this suddenly happened.  Some Brotp bonding (and of course some Gallavich in there too)!  The title comes from the song, “A World Alone” by Lorde.

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“I didn’t come here for you.”

Mickey snorts, feeling rather sarcastic, as Ian pushes pass him into the Milkovich house, his comment just another line from the horrendous movie that’s been their relationship lately.  He’s even recycling old lines now, carelessly throwing them around as Mickey feels him push his buttons as usual.  Play.  Stop.  Rewind.  Replay.  “Tell me something I haven’t heard before,” Mickey waves off, “or something I don’t know.”

Ian turns around, responding with a stabbing glower, his mouth halfway open, before he snaps it shut refusing to answer.  He stands stone silent for a few moments, Mickey gladly participating in their Mexican standoff of speaking no words as he crosses his arms.  The red head rolls his eyes, feeling defeated – there was no clear winner the moment they looked at each other.  Ian acquiesces because he’s tired from the string of fights they’ve had over the past few days.  “Where’s Mandy?” he finally asks dryly.

“You really wanna know that, or are you tryna find a way to actually talk to me right now?” Mickey challenges.  “Because you’re asking a question you know the answer to,” he continues as he points his head in the direction of Mandy’s closed bedroom door.  “She’s in her room.”

“Whatever,” Ian huffs as he makes his way towards her bedroom door.  He feels Mickey’s eyes on his back, and it makes his knees turn to jello despite not even looking at him.  He feels he may fall to his knees and crumble at the sound of his boyfriend letting out a surrendering sigh.

“You still mad at me?” Mickey asks solemnly.  And goodness, Ian can’t stand the sound of his voice when it’s like that.  It makes him weak and irrational.

Ian raps gently on Mandy’s door in place of answering Mickey right away.  He can practically hear the older boy holding his breath, a dropping pen something that would resonate loudly in the surrounding silence.  “I don’t know why I put up with your shit sometimes,” Ian says dully as Mandy swings open her bedroom door.

She squints her blue eyes at Ian when she sees him, the bags underneath her eyes something her best friend takes note of as soon as he looks at her.  She steps aside and clears a path for him, ushering him into her room with a welcoming hand as Mickey stands and stares, Ian’s comment still caught in the air.  He shakes his head as he smiles almost maniacally, pointing his finger at Ian’s back as he disappears into Mandy’s room.  “It’s because you fuckin’ love me,” he says just as Mandy scowls at him and shuts her door.  And Mickey isn’t sure if Ian hears him when he says this.

He does.

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